I am Radin, an indie video game developer who LOVES retro and arcade video games.

I have grown up playing arcade cabinet games and 8 bit computers and my goal is to make games like those of that time: directs, frenetics, addictives and with the real feeling of arcade games of the ’80s and ’90s.



Fahmitsu, Rolling Glory Jam


I’m an indie developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been working in the game industry since 2011 and have covered wide range of jobs from programming, game design, game journalism, marketing, PR, and narrative design.

I probably can write dozens or more paragraphs about myself, but that sounds a bit too narcissistic.



Pablo Navarro, RAWRLAB Games

nuevo logotipo RAWRLAB Games - fondo negro

I’m Pablo Navarro, director and main programmer at RAWRLAB Games and previously at PiX Juegos.

I develop management applications by day and by night. I develop 2D indie video games of dubious success.

I have too many favorite games to mention here, but I will mention that most of my favorites are from Nintendo ♥.


Jeremy Fryc, Stardust Team


¡Hola! I’m an indie developer currently living in Bradenton, Florida. More importantly, I’m a husband, father, avid skateboarder, and exclamation point enthusiast! While I created Dexter Stardust and some of the other characters together with my friends Munk Alejandro, Lola Mendez, and Alec Corday, I am a one-man-band behind the scenes;

I do the programming, artwork, game design, music production, sound design, and whatever else needs to be done. I regularly feel like tearing my hair out in frustration, but my wonderful wife always brings me back to reality. She’s the best!


Sebastian, Pixel games


I wrote my first program as a kid in 1982, on my grandmother’s black and white TV, with a Sinclair Spectrum 48K, before moving on to the Commodore 64. It was an amazing experience and from that day on I knew I wanted to make games.
I run pixel games, an independent development studio based in Luxembourg, focused on creating fun, classic, arcade experiences for modern machines.



Xavi, Hiulit

I’m Xavi, a.k.a hiulit, an indie developer based in Barcelona. I like creating fun arcade games that could have been released in the 80’s. I grew up playing mostly Nintendo consoles, so it’s a dream come true to have my games on the Switch.


Colored Effects

Soufiane, Tacsou

I’m Soufiane, a software developer and indie game developer based in Morocco. I have been passionate about video games since I was a kid and have been playing them ever since. With a focus on 2D, I strive to create unique and memorable gaming experiences that offer both fun and challenges for players.



Andrea, Der Mondhase

Logo Andrea 2
Andrea Demetrio is an Italian solo developer with a PhD in Physics (don’t ask). Mostly known for his 3D fighting game Schwarzerblitz and defined as a «trolling creator» by some players due to his approach to game development, he routinely explores different genres depending on how inspiration strikes him. He started his (so far) one man studio «Der Mondhase» in 2021. 8-Colors Star Guardians + is his first commercial game and the first to be published on console.


Looking Up I See Only A Ceiling

Andrea Tarondo, silver978

Hello! I am Andrea, aka silver978, an italian indie game designer and developer passionate to psychological horrors, but also energetic and stylish videogames: my main focus is on providing fun and emotional impactful experiences to the players. I started developing games since 2015, when I mainly produced experimental ones. I began publishing commercial indie games on 2023, by releasing on Steam a short psychological adventure about a stressed girl trying to manage her study life: «Looking Up I See Only A Ceiling.


Attack of the karens

Joel, Studio Primitive

Sudio Primitive
I’ve been making games for about 4 years now, and absolutely love it. I’m the solo developer behind Attack of the Karens, and have plans to release many more projects both solo and with my brother Grant.
Game dev is hard but it is so worth it. It’s one of the most satisfying things in the world to start with an idea and end up turning it into a finished game!.