Pigs, spaceships, weapons... what can go wrong?


Pigs, spaceships, weapons, What can go wrong?


Cute Pigs, spaceships and weapons, isn’t that a perfect combo? Join us in a thrilling adventure where you will have to test your speed and reflexes at the wheel. 

Gunpig is a fast-paced arcade-style twin-stick shooter with a quick swap weapons system, bonus levels and hidden collectibles! Guaranteed desestress.

  • Development started in 2014
  • All audio, animation, UI and in-game graphics, as well as sound effects were created solely by Neil LaPointe!
  • Some of the Bax Cards illustrators include Charles Brubaker (Fuzzy Princess), Troy Little (PowerPuff Girls for IDW), and Newgrounds legend David C. Lovelace.


– 8 different stages of increasing challenge
– Quick swap ‘GunMod’ system…just drive over the pad to change out your gun at any time!
– Hidden ‘Bax Card’ art card collectibles illustrated by individual artists hidden throughout the levels
– Full soundtrack by Tower Of Guns/Mothergunship composer Mike Mirabello, with special victory track by The Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder