The Game


This restaurant did not pass any sanitary inspection!!!!
Welcome to the most amazing game you ever played. Zombie restaurant is a combination of strategy, mental agility and good reflexes game. Help the zombie waiter to serve all tables so people do not get angry of waiting for you and remember, do not drop anything on the floor...
How to begin and play
Be carefull which table you choose first because there are someones wich have been waiting for a long time. Hurry up and do not spend your time, many customers waiting at the same time and every second counts!!.
Serve the tables and make your customers be happy!!.
Take the order to the tables, but be carefull your tray is full and there are many obstacles in the way. Move your device left and right so nothing get out of your tray. Level completed?, CONGRATULATIONS!!, go for the next one, up to 30 different and funny levels to be completed.