Flynns Arcade best narrative, art and third best game SGC17 by AEV for Lambs on the road

And here we go on with new prizes, this time coming from AEV to Lambs on the road for being the best narrative, art and third best game in the competition. Thanks you very much to everyone, lets keep on […]


Flynns Arcade Finalist at GAMELAB prizes for best student indie game Lambs on the road

Finally after much work, people beging to appreciate the quality of our games. Lambs on the road is considered as oneof the best indie student game by the spanish academy of interactive arts and sciencie. Thank you to everyone for […]


YES WE CAN! Finally XBox Dev Kit is HERE!!

After working really hard we got support from Microsoft to publish ETERNUM for XBOX ONE!!. Thanks to everyone for your help, cross your fingers so we can get ETERNUM out in September…


Eternum got Greenlight from Steam and also from Microsoft

Eternum, one of our new games and the title in which we are submersed right now got Greenlight form Steam and also from Microsoft, which means you will be able to enjoy it after Summer for a moderate price.


Finally after much work our two first titles at STEAM

Laraan and Monster puzzle are now available at Steam for 4,99$ and 0,99$. GO and get them, do not miss your opportunity. Now working really hard on Eternum, Greenlight soon, when on Steam?, who knows, maybe before Summer? 🙂 .


Do you like the new art for ETERNUM?

Flynns Arcade is developing a new retro pixel art arcade game, ETERNUM. Here you can find a proof of style of the new game, do you like it?….


Monster Puzzle finally at STEAM!!

Hi everyone, Monster Puzzle, is our first game published at Steam with Back To Basics Gaming. You can get it now for the first week for only 0.59€.


Flynns Arcade at GameDevs Valencia Meetup

Like every first tuesday of the month Flynns Arcade assit to the Gamedevs Valencia to meet other developers, to talk, to learn and why not, to establish new realtions for future projects. This time we enjoyed a talk about VR/AR […]


Games & Symphonies great success

Hi eveyone again, we spent a brilliant time at Games&Symphonies in Valencia. People loved Lambs on the road and of course our Laraan which will be available this Christmas (we hope so). We want to meet you guys soon, keep […]