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About us

Juan Peralta

About us

Cisco Raya

3D Artist & Design

Technical Partners

posterWe are a studio of crazy minds with a lot of creativity and resources to make your ideas come true. We create applications and virtual worlds for any kind of project, from gamification of training projects to interactive simulators. Gone Mad Studios Team Gone Mad Studios is committed to new technologies and new forms of communication, promoting new business management models such as flexibility, integration, responsibility among workers and constant innovation. 

Marketing Partners

posterGreat resources for small businesses The digital universe is as wide as the ocean itself and the possibilities of interaction with it infinite and that is precisely the problem... finding the ideal customer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Large corporations have a good marketing team on board but... what about small boats? don't they need a roadmap or a small radio in emergency situations? For all those lone wolves of entrepreneurship CORPANY is born: a small lighthouse to guide you in your adventure.