Archive: 2016 April


LARANN Greenlight Campaign at Hobby Consolas

We are proud to announce LARAAN Greenlight campaign has arrived to Hobby Consolas Media. Thanks guys for helping us to get LARAAN published as soon as possible 🙂


Flynns Arcade begins his new project, wanna see more?

Flynns Arcade is begining a new project with a careful flat 2D design and an amazing animations. The script and style of the game is based on the book “The Road” by Cormac McArthy. We hope you will be able to […]


Flynns Arcade participates in his first VR project

Flynns Arcade and Replay Video Game research group at Florida Uniersity have developed our first Virtual Reality project “Child’s Nightmare“. In this new project, our main character, a 10 years old kid, just waked up, or may be not?…you will […]